Nacon Revolution Pro Controller Red for PS4

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller Red for PS4

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The REVOLUTION Pro Controller is made for you ! Designed & developed with professional eSports players, the REVOLUTION Pro Controller is going to leverage the eSports competition at a new level

The Nacon PS4 controller features a customizable weight and ergonomic design. This Nacon controller boasts a striking red color scheme.Get an edge over the competition with the ergonomic and fully-customizable Nacon PS4 Revolution Pro Controller. The Nacon PS4 controller has dual analog triggers and dual shoulder buttons that offers excellent responsiveness. This gamepad features all the benefits of a PS4 controller including the innovative touchpad, SHARE button, as well as a 3.5mm headset jack. The bold red color scheme perfectly complements the controller’s ergonomic design. Four fully-programmable macro buttons are conveniently placed on this gaming accessory to give users quick and easy access to in-game abilities. The weight of this controller can be adjusted according to your convenience. A dedicated software helps you create custom profiles or upload profiles from the community.


For Playstation 4
3m cable with secure connection
designed for eSposts gamer.
Nacon controller


This Nacon PS4 controller is designed to rule the gaming arenas. The dual analog sticks with the amplitude of 46 degrees give you an excellent grip and the confidence you need for competitive gameplay. The ergonomic construction of this controller allows for a comfortable grip even when you play for long hours. Furthermore, this Nacon controller gives you a tailored and balanced feel with its internal weight compartment that includes six additional weights.

Nacon controller


The Nacon Revolution Pro has a 3.5mm headset jack that allows you to plug in a headset for an enhanced experience. Moreover, the easily accessible shoulder and trigger controls allow for rapid responsiveness. The Pro Control Mode lets you jump straight into the action. Furthermore, the advanced mode allows you to take your play to the next level. The advanced mode lets you instantly switch between 4x pre-loaded custom profiles to suit your gaming needs. Moreover, you can assign macros on the four shortcut buttons, which is ideal for fighting games. You can also adjust the dead-band and sensitivity of the right analog stick and triggers.

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